The “Technology Truck” is already on road

Technology TruckAt the beginning of 2016 the partnership between 4 large companies (SMC Pneumatics, Siemens, Fanuc and Sick), the "RTC Vlaams-Brabant" and "RTM Vlaams-Brabant" was signed in Belgium. The result of this project is a "Technology Truck" based on a customized FMS-200 system. This trailer will visit in the next 4 years different technical training centers in Belgium in order to skill students in the latest technologies in the industry 4.0.


This project was created in order to offer all the colleges the opportunity to be trained in the most innovative technologies in a collectively way. This way came the “mobile learning” idea, visiting different centers and reaching a larger target of students.


SMC International Training has been in charge of developing and adapting to the trailer the personalized FMS-200 equipment. It has been inaugurated and it is currently running through different centers in Belgium.


You can see "Technology Truck" images on our Facebook page .