Video about the Customized FMS-200 System with CNC and Laser Marking Technologies

In order to offer professional training according to the industrial reality and to satisfy the needs of our customers, SMC International Training has developed a customized modular assembly system for training in automated processes.


This time the FMS-200 didactic equipment has been adapted including 3 new stations, containing CNC and laser marking technologies, and adapting some of the existing ones. This system performs 2 different parts: the assembly of a turning mechanism with base marking or the development of printed circuit cards with machining and marking of the card.


The complete system is composed by 10 different stations. In each station can be performed the insertion of a specific component or the machining, marking, manipulation or quality control processes that integrate the system. These operations are carried out using components of different technologies (pneumatics, sensors, robotics, CNC, laser, artificial vision, process control, etc.).


Discover how this customized FMS-200 training equipment works in the following video.