The component for PNEUTRAINER to control your circuits


We introduce the new optional component for PNEUTRAINER for data acquisition. It will allow the user to control circuits through autoSIM-200. Using this component, the physical inputs and outputs between autoSIM-200 and PNEUTRAINER components can be monitored and controlled.


SAI2443-14 USB - autoSIM-200 interface. 4mm connectors


This component communicates with the PC using an I/O module with USB type connection cable. The I/O card includes the following features:

  • - Compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0
  • - Portable
  • - Power supply via BUS.
  • - 8 digital outputs (relay) and 8 digital inputs.
  • - 8 output channels (relay) type C.
  • - 4 mm terminals for snap connection cables.


With these optional references SMC International Training gets adapted to the needs of its customers, expanding our educational equipment training possibilities.